Rev. Alwyn Barreto

Bishop of Sindhudurg, Maharashtra

Greetings of peace to you from the Diocese of Sindhudurg

I take this opportunity to pen down my sincere thoughts .First and foremost I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards you and your family,for the round -about trip to Rome for the Canonization of St.Theresa of Calcutta .

It was a long cherished dream to witness the Canonization process of sainthood of Mother Teresa .And what better way it could have been of being present personally for one of our own saint of India, 'Mother Teresa ' a well renowned personality around the globe Your generosity has made this dream a reality.

You were like a guardian angel for me caring and sharing everything that you could .I was astonished to hear your life changing story and the God experience you encountered ,Your simple life style speak volumes of your character .You went out of your way to make people feel at ease.This could be the best quality of a servant leader that attracted people to you.You could be a role model not only for people you come across but also to priests and Bishops like me.May every person have the similar God experience as you had and carry it wherever they go.

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